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SAIMEI Furniture Company Continues To Pay Attention To Sino-US Trade And Tax Trade War
- Dec 03, 2018 -

In the G20 meeting held in Argentina in December, the two heads of state reached a consensus to stop adding new tariffs. On a specific level, China and the United States will explore a range of issues of common concern, from expanding market access to protecting intellectual property rights, avoiding compulsory technology transfer, and jointly opposing network theft.

The statement issued by the US is also very clear: the US tariff on the 200 billion US dollars of Chinese goods will remain at 10% after January 1 next year, instead of the previously announced 25%; China and the United States will start negotiations within 90 days. If the agreement cannot be reached by then, the 10% tariff will be raised.

The above news is a good gift for the import of iron chairs, iron tables and other products for American customers before Christmas Day,

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